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Covid – 19 Guidance for Singers returning to rehearsals



The return to singing after the absence caused by COVID-19 restrictions is long

awaited and for many people, eagerly anticipated. We want singers to enjoy

being back but there are precautions that we must all take to reduce the risk of

transmission of the virus and to keep one another safe. We look forward to

welcoming you back and singing together again.

It appears widely understood that the main risks of transmission are from

aerosols, moisture droplets and surfaces.



As we have all become aware, vaccination is important as part of the

management of infection. The Committee would prefer it if all Members were

double vaccinated but understands that there will be some who are unable to be.


Rapid Antigen Tests (Lateral Flow)

Asymptomatic infected people can often be identified using these freely

available tests. Where Members are not double vaccinated, the Committee

would ask members to take a test on the day of a rehearsal please.

Lateral Flow tests are available, free of charge, from your local pharmacist.


When to avoid attending

If you have a positive antigen test or PCR test, have been asked to self- isolate

or have any of the symptoms of COVID-19 please DO NOT come to a rehearsal.

Additionally, please remember that the symptoms of COVID-19 are many and

varied so the request to stay away should be interpreted widely and applied if

you feel at all unwell. Medical information is sensitive data, and nothing will be

 recorded concerning your health or medical condition and you will not be

asked to disclose it.  



The hall will be as well ventilated as possible. Please remember that it may be

cooler than usual.


Face Coverings

If you are able to do so, please wear a face covering when entering or leaving

the rehearsal, while moving about, and if you feel more comfortable doing so,

please wear it throughout the rehearsal.


Social Distancing

The Committee considers that spacing between rows will be more important

than spacing within them. We aim to make use of all available space in the hall

to maximise the distance between singers.


Singing Technique

Over loud, and particularly forced, singing greatly increases the risk of aerosols

and can also cause coughing, which only spreads the aerosol possibility further.

Please sing only as directed by the conductor to minimise this risk.

At our first rehearsal, this will be addressed as part of our vocal training.


Hand Sanitizer

If you have a hand sanitizer, please bring it with you and use it as we have

become accustomed. Hand sanitizer will be available for use.


The church hall is under the control of the Parochial Church Council who may

have special requirements to which we must adhere. Please do as notified.



Cancellation of Rehearsals

If a spike in local infections makes it necessary to cancel a rehearsal, you will

be advised by email. This may be last minute so please check emails before you leave to travel.


Whilst the Committee has made every effort to provide a safe environment for

those returning to singing, it is the individual’s choice and responsibility as to

whether they attend.

The Committee will continue to monitor the situation and amend this Policy

and advise the Membership accordingly.


Gippeswyk  Singers Committee

27th August 2021

Issue 1